October is Careers in Construction Month!

to move into one day, you’re faced with the successful results of construction everywhere you go. These developments don’t just pop up overnight. They’re the product of months or years of careful planning, building, and maintenance by hardworking construction teams. 

This October, Sandbox Development is joining the nation in celebrating Careers in Construction Month—a month-long campaign to highlight the importance and rewarding nature of construction careers.

Celebrating Construction this October

Careers in Construction Month was launched to increase public awareness of all the different careers the construction field has to offer. The goal is to create a positive perception of these important jobs and inspire the next generation of construction professionals to take the helm—and the hard hat!

This month, industry professionals, educators, and even government entities are pledging to advocate for skilled trades. Current construction workers often showcase their proudest projects to illustrate what’s possible. Outreach and workforce development programs allow them to forge meaningful connections with students and parents to teach them about the industry’s many opportunities.

Construction is Critical

A big part of Careers in Construction Month focuses on teaching people why construction is both important to society and a great path for young professionals to choose. Here are some of our favorite reasons.

  • Build the world: By far, the best thing about a career in construction is the ability to shape the world around you. Contractors and skilled tradespeople safely create the homes, offices, shopping centers, and infrastructure we use every single day. Without the construction workforce, we wouldn’t have a built environment to enjoy!
  • Demand is high: Construction is consistently in high demand, particularly in the residential sector. The United States alone requires millions of new homes to keep pace with demand, but the existing workforce is retiring quickly. This means the field needs new, young talent to continue delivering much-needed developments. Even outside of residential construction, things always need to be built, inspected, and maintained. Choosing construction provides job security for the long term.
  • No degree required: A majority of construction careers are attainable without a four-year degree. Young professionals can enter the field with little to no student loans—and they’ll begin their careers much sooner. The industry allows professionals to develop their skills and gain more experience faster.
  • Range of specialties: Construction isn’t the same across the board. There are a wealth of specialties available to suit a wide range of professional interests. Design-inclined students might be interested in architecture or engineering, while those with a knack for planning might choose a consultancy role. There’s no one “right way” to join the construction workforce.
  • Evolving industry: Construction is not stagnant. There are constantly new technologies, processes, and methodologies for professionals to apply to their projects. The industry is best-suited for people who are adaptable, innovative, and eager to push the envelope. This way, every day is a little bit different and exciting!

Construction is an integral part of our modern society. We want to extend our appreciation and acknowledgment to all the hardworking members of today’s construction workforce. Thank you for everything you do—and we can’t wait to see what you do next!