Behind the Scenes: Meet Sandbox’s Director of Development Luigi Benvin

Blog post graphic displaying blog title and photo of Luigi Benvin

We’re mixing things up here on the Sandbox blog today and taking you behind the scenes to meet some of the people who make the magic happen here in the Valley of the Sun!

Some people are the embodiment of a word or a concept. You can see it in their face, voice, and even how they move. It’s rare to find these sorts of people, especially when they embody the term ‘people’s person.’ Still, if there were to be a picture next to this concept in a dictionary, we think it would be Luigi Benvin’s face smiling back at us.

Luigi has been part of the Sandbox family for over eight years, serving as Director of Development. He combines his immense land development knowledge with his innate ability to connect with others in a personable and memorable way. 

Luigi has always been a team player at Sandbox and, throughout the years with us, has forged some great relationships with our land team, clients, consultants, municipalities, and contractors. Luigi has always been there to assist in sorting out complicated land development processes and is always willing to share his immense knowledge base with others.

Luigi gained technical knowledge by graduating from ASU’s Construction Management program in the 1990s. He has been actively engaged in the local construction, land development, and real estate industries ever since, working with some of the industry’s most respected companies, including Kiewit, Adolfson & Peterson, Opus, KB Home, and Cavan Investments. 

Since joining Sandbox, Luigi has made some preeminent contributions to ensure the successful outcome of some of our most technical and complicated projects.

His passion for land development and significant technical knowledge make him ideal for handling all aspects of due diligence, acquisition, entitlements, pre-construction, and construction project management, all while nurturing close relationships with everyone involved. His people skills and reputation are well-known among the municipalities, power companies, subcontractors, and suppliers he works with.

His characteristic dynamic and consistently engaging presence makes everyone around him glad to be in his presence; you can count on him to dial up the fun in any room you find him in!

In the words of one of his colleagues, Keilah Casillas, “We are very blessed to have someone like him on our team that makes things happen, with his winning attitude – because failure is not an option for him. Luigi is the man and teammate I would want as my lifeline phone call, because I know he will come through! He doesn’t see the obstacles in the field, he creates new and creative solutions and does it with a smile on his face, and always cheers his team on! He has a great sense of humor, aims to have fun amid the storm – and we are ever so lucky to play in the Sandbox with him.”

On the weekends, Luigi likes to spend his time on the golf course, and when time allows, he makes his seasonal trips to the ski slopes to hone his skills and catch up with old friends. Luigi is a dedicated family man who raised two well-educated and intelligent daughters with his wife, Stacey.

A company is nothing without its people. Luigi’s contribution to Sandbox goes beyond all the projects we have managed to complete with his impressive technical skills — he’s also a big part of what makes coming to work exciting every day.